24carelargejpeg Boomerswork is pleased to introduce a new Preferred Partner in our Health and Lifestyle Network, 24Care Health and Occupational Services.

24Care offers a wide range of health care support service, delivered by a team of leading Halifax-area physicians and supported by an expert team of health professionals. As a special offer to Boomerswork members, they are offering a free phone consultation/needs assessment, as well as a 5% discount on all 24Care services.

24Care clients can take advantage of:

– Year-round, 7 day-a-week local medical support services, both in-person and remotely (via phone, email, and videoconference)

– Comprehensive travel medical support access to our comprehensive medical team while you’re away – as close as the cottage or as far as another continent.

– Yearly comprehensive Executive Medical Services, with the 24Care team supporting you from assessment through to follow-up and treatment.

For businesses, 24Care also offers a wide range of corporate health and wellness services.

To learn more, contact an advisor at info@24care.ca to schedule your free phone consult. You can also click here for more information, or visit them at 24care.ca.

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