Introducing BoomersPlus!

BoomersPlusWe are very pleased to announce that as of April 10th, Boomerswork is becoming BoomersPlus! Our company is growing and as we do, we strive to provide more to our audience.

In the vast online world, there are still too few communities that service the needs and wants of boomers. With BoomersPlus, we aim to build that ideal online destination where boomers can be part of a community that addresses their interests, careers and beyond.

Along with our rebranding as BoomersPlus, we will be expanding into Ontario and hope to continue our growth throughout Canada. With the expansion, we hope to build our online blog, The Hub, into a one-stop destination for all things that matter to boomers. From health, to travel, to finance, we will offer a place where our boomers community can come to read, share and discuss everything that matters to them. And we hope to attract more boomers to join our community.

We’re thrilled to share in this moment with you and look forward to having you as a part of our journey into the next stage and beyond. As always, thank you for your loyalty.

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