ENCORE: What Does Wealth Mean To You?

ENCORE: What Does Wealth Mean To You?

Welcome to ENCORE, brought to you by Boomersplus.com. This weekly interview show focuses on the boomer community and the topics surrounding them. Each episode, host Costas Halavrezos is joined by an expert guest for an engaging and intellectual conversation on topics ranging from health care, to career plans, to news of the day. The show is presented by BoomersPlus, a service which matches employers with experienced professionals.

How do you define your assets? When most people think about their assets, they consider it within the financial sphere that we all tend to focus on. The financial industry has put a great deal of emphasis on the importance of person wealth. They help you to ensure you are paying less in taxes and have more money for you and your family. And this is very important to many people, for good reason, as they want to be able to pass on something of value when they are gone. By why must that something just be financial? Our guest today is Jay Paterson, co-founder of Empowered Wealth. His organization helps to refocus people on those forgotten assets of experience, knowledge and stories that can be so valuable to the next generation. He joins us to discuss his organization’s unique approach and how it can change people’s perception of their own wealth.


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