Encore: Exploring Industrial Design Of Health And Aging

Encore: Exploring Industrial Design Of Health And Aging

Check out the latest episode of Encore by Boomerswork.com on 105.9 Seaside FM hosted by Costas Halavrezos!

As we age, things we took for granted, like getting dressed in the morning or fixing something to eat, can become more difficult. Toss in an accident or an illness and suddenly you can find it hard to navigate the familar streets in your neighbourhood or even the rooms in your home.

Industrial designers can make these tasks easier for older men and women.

Today’s guest is Glen Hougan, an associate professor of product design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. His research and work are in the area of design for health and aging. His current research focuses on designing for dignity and ageism.

Enjoy the show and join us next week for a brand new episode!

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