An Opportunity To Remember

Today marks this year’s Remembrance Day, an extremely important holiday here in Canada where we take the time to remember and give thanks to our country’s veterans. Certainly the men and women who have served our country and continue to serve our country deserve more than one day each year to honour them. But Remembrance Day allows Canadians a chance to come together to share in the appreciation for the many sacrifices that have been given to ensure we live in this great country.

We at BoomersPlus are focused on providing the best services for our boomers community, and we want to take the opportunity to thank any and all members of our community who have served our country in the past. And yet today is a day that goes beyond age and celebrates many generations of brave Canadians. Today, we remember every Canadian who gave their lives for their country, and we salute those who have served.

In an effort to better appreciate the importance of today’s reflections, we recommend reading this article which looks at how veterans view the importance of today. Huffington Post Canada shares some inspiring stories from real Canadian veterans who discuss what Remembrance Day means to them. The insights comes from a World War II veteran who learned the importance of sharing his story, a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force who remembers his fallen comrades, and others.

Find the time attend a Remembrance Day ceremony near you.

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