7 Supposedly Healthy Foods You Should Avoid

7 Supposedly Healthy Foods You Should Avoid

It’s not easy to come to the conclusion that you need to change up your diet. We get used to eating a certain way and to cut some of those food out can be a challenge. So to find healthy foods that you enjoy to fill your new diet is always a great victory. Unfortunately, not all the foods that are widely considered to be healthy can really be called that. Make sure you don’t get fooled by checking out this list of supposedly healthy foods you’re better off avoiding.

Turkey bacon

Turkey is an often used as a substitute for more fatty meats. Turkey burgers are a popular choice for health focused barbecue-lovers. Similarly, some choose to add turkey bacon to their breakfast. Is it healthier than regular bacon? Yes, but that doesn’t make it healthy. The bland taste appeals to few people so it’s usually packed with salt to make up for that.

Orange juice

Fruit juice seems like a safe bet, what with it being it being made of fruits and all. I’m sure many of you start your day with a glass of orange juice. We’re told it’s chalked full of vitamins and plenty of good stuff. That’s true, unfortunately there’s also as much sugar in your typical store-bought OJ as there is in your average cola.

White rice

It’s not so much that rice is particularly bad for you, it’s just that it’s empty calories pretty much completely devoid of any nutritional value. Adding some veggies like in a stir fry will do some good, but you’re better off going with some brown rice.


The go-to breakfast for many early-risers. It’s an easy meal to put together and if you avoid the kids cereals like Froot Loops and Lucky Charms and go for the more mature choices, you probably feel like you’re in the clear. But a surprising amount as cereals are sugar-laden and, like the white rice, has no real nutritional value to speak of.

Veggie chips

Veggie chips have a lot less oil and fats than most potatoes chips, but that’s pretty much where the benefits end. The sodium in these things are through the roof. I suppose something has to make them actually taste good.

Nut butters

In moderation, most nut butters are good for you and can add a helping of fat/protein that you need to your day. However, there are many butters that contain lots of sugars or trans fats. Even if you stick to additive-free nut butters, a tablespoon typically contains around 100 calories…so, pace yourself!

Protein/Fibre bars

Next time you think about buying some of these bars, take a look at the long list of ingredients. It’s true, they do provide you with quite a bit protein or fibre, but apart from that they’re pretty much your basic candy bars.

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