6 Ways To Reduce Your Winter Heating Bill

6 Ways To Reduce Your Winter Heating Bill

17003772879_97caeaecf0_nNow that we are safely in the dead of winter, we all feel the urge to crank that heat 24/7. It can get mighty cold in Canada and any escape we can get from those freezing temperatures is welcome. Some of us have the luxury not to worry too much about the heating costs, but for others that heating bill can get awfully big during this time of year.

Yahoo Finance has some tips for how to save on some of those winter heating costs so you don’t have to feel bad about staying warm. While an American publication may not understand exactly what us Canadians are dealing with temperature-wise, their advice is smart and easy.

Resist the temptation to open your windows.

One of the many struggles of heating your home in the winter is getting overheated. What was once a refreshing blast of hot air becomes uncomfortable and makes you yearn for a cool breeze. While it may seem like a refreshing option, keep your windows closed at all times. It’s simply counterintuitive to have the heat blasting with an open window. Invest in fans or get used to readjusting the thermostat.

Cover up wall-mounted A/C units.

It’s easy to forget about your air conditioners once summer ends but they can be responsible for the bigger heating bills later on. Little by little cold air coming in from the outside comes through your wall-mounted A/C units and brings down the home’s temperature. Keep them covered during the cold months.

Lower the thermostat at night.

You may think you need the extra heat for a good night’s sleep but when you’re cozy in your bed you’ll be much warmer than you think. In fact, overheating at night can lead to pretty poor sleeps, so turn down the heat before bed. Likewise, if you’re away for more than a day, bring it down significantly.

Replace the furnace filter.

If you’re using a furnace to heat your home, it’s recommended that you change your furnace filter once every three months. The filters are cheap and easy to install so don’t worry about extra costs. This will ensure your furnace is operating at its best.

The heavier the shades, the better.

Invest in some good winter shades for your home in order to keep in the heat. Get some nice dark curtains to hang in your windows and it’ll keep your heat where it’s meant to be.

Heat by zone.

Lower your heat in some of the rooms you use less to avoid wasting heat. If you work from home you may consider investing in a space heater to keep your office warm instead of blasting the heat the whole day.

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