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6 Ways To Have A Great “Staycation”

Even though we have plenty of summer left, we are sadly closer to the end than we are to the beginning. However, that is not a reason to despair but rather a reason to enjoy the remaining days of summer as best you can, and hope that you still have some vacation days saved up. While summer is a great time to travel, we are not all so lucky as to be able to go on an away trip, but that does not mean you can’t still get away, for anyone who has had a staycation knows, it can be just as fun as any vacation. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a staycation is simply some time off work where you go on vacation at home. So if you aren’t looking to go through the hectic travel plans but still want some time-off, here are some tips for giving yourself the best staycation possible.


For some people, the perfect staycation is just relaxing on the couch and catching up with all your favourite television shows. If that really sounds like a good time to you then who am I to say otherwise. But usually on vacation it’s a nice excuse to take a step back from all the ‘usual’. Part of this includes taking time away from checking emails, taking phone calls and staring at a screen all day. This doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a good movie or relax with an afternoon baseball game, but giving yourself a break from these devices can feel so good and a great way to start off your vacation.

Treat yourself.

Even though you’re not splurging on a big expensive trip doesn’t mean that you can’t spend a little extra to pamper yourself on your staycation. Instead of cooking for yourself and having to do the dishes afterwards, go out for dinner at night. Go stay at a local hotel and let the cleaning staff worry about tidying the place up. Just because you’re not going anywhere doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little bit of luxury during your time off.

Don’t put yourself on a strict schedule.

When on vacation you want to make the most of your time-off and that can sometimes lead to you stretching yourself a little thin. Remember, this is supposed to be a break for you so allow yourself to enjoy the moment rather than jumping from place to place, trying to get everything done. While putting together a schedule isn’t a bad idea by any means, make it a loose schedule that allows you to make changes on the fly, stick with something you’re enjoying, or blow off something that isn’t of real interest. Making the most of your time is a great way to approach a vacation, but the convenience of a staycation is that the time is yours to do whatever you’d like.

Play the tourist

You might live in a city for years and never really get to enjoy the best aspects of it. Have you ever noticed how there are some of those really wonderful things in your area that you only partake in when out of town friends are visiting? Well, a staycation is the perfect time to act like a tourist in your own city. Heck, go to the local tourism information and find out what the must-see restaurants, attractions and festivals are. Not only will thing give you a lot of fun activities for your vacation, it will also give you a new appreciation for the place you live and what it has to offer.

Reconnect with friends

While work is important, one of the main downsides is how it takes time away from spending time with your loved ones. Sometimes when work is really busy it can seem like months go by before getting to spend time with your good friends. Of course, a great benefit of the staycation is that you aren’t going anywhere and are therefore free to spend some quality time with your favourite people. Use your time off the reconnect with those close friends and just enjoy spending time with them. It’s one of those simple enjoyments that makes you wonder why you every go on vacation at all.

Try something new

Finally, because a staycation is a chance to take a break from the routine, it is the perfect time to try something new. Now, this is a vacation so there’s no need to take on anything that will make you anxious or bring you any undo stress, but rather it’s just a nice opportunity to have some fun somewhere with something a little different. It could be going to a new event, trying a new sport or activity for fun, or even try trying a new kind of food. The level of your experimentation is completely up to you but you’ll be happy you tried something new.

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