6 Ways To Eat Healthy In The Summer Months

6 Ways To Eat Healthy In The Summer Months

The temperature seems to be staying well above 0 degrees for the time being, so I think we can say that summer is getting near. Canadians really know how to enjoy the warm weather, and some would say we deserve it more than most. But as you’re enjoying to well-deserved reprieve from winter, it’s important to stay smart with you eating habits.

In no way should you feel bad about treating yourself to some BBQ or the occasional junk food, but some people tend to overindulge in these months and by the time the summer is over, their beach bodies are gone. Consider these helpful tips for eating healthy while still enjoying the pleasures of summer time.

Take advantage of fresh produce.

While summer feels like burgers and beer weather, it also happens to be the best time of year fir most produce. Be sure to take advantage of all the delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables among all the less-nutritious meals. Throw some corn, mushrooms and asparagus on the BBQ next to your burgers, try out a variety of salads, or maybe even try growing some of your own veggies to enjoy.

Mix it up with beach snacks.

It’s always a good idea to bring a good stash of snacks down to the beach with you, but be careful about the quality of those snacks. It’s pretty easy to grab a few beers and a bag of chips to go, but with a little more effort, you can add some healthier (but still delicious) snacks. It’s pretty easy to grab a few veggies on the run as well, and you can add to that for pita or healthy sandwiches to munch on without feeling guilty.

Avoid constant snacking.

On of the best things about summer time is that there’s usually a lot of opportunity to spend time with friends and family. It’s a time for parties, get-togethers and reunions, all of which means there’s a lot of food around all the time. As hard as it may be, it’s not a good idea to keep indulging in all the available snacks throughout the day. Try to stick to regular meals to keep your eating on a schedule.

Stay hydrated.

The hot weather is more than welcome after the long winter, but we may forget how taxing being in the sun all day can be. It’s quite easy to get dehydrated at the beach, especially if you’ve been eating salty food and having a few beers. Avoid this by drinking water regularly, which will help you feel full and avoid snacking.

Avoid late meals.

As the days get longer, it gets harder to stick to your regular schedule. With the sun still in the sky, you naturally want to stay up later and you push your meals back to later in the not. Despite that instinct, try to stick to your regular meal times to give yourself time to digest before bedtime.

Get your exercise in as well.

The weather is great and the beach is right there—it’s hard not to just be lazy and lie on the beach. But it would be a shame to let the good weather go to waste. Get out for jogs regularly, take up a team sport and enjoy the summer. Plus, a bit of exercise can help balance the occasional guilty pleasure meal.

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