5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Monday Morning

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Monday Morning

5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Monday Morning

Well, the weekend is almost upon us and this time of day, it can be hard to think of anything else but how you’re going to spend those days off. The last thing you want to be thinking of on a Friday afternoon is Monday morning, but doing a little prep now and over the weekend can make things go much easier. Mondays can be busy and stressful so even though you don’t feel like it at the time, a little effort now will be much appreciated later. Keep these things in mind for the rest of your Friday and into the weekend to make your Monday morning go a whole lot smoother.


When you arrive at work on Monday morning and see all the work that’s ahead of you, it can be pretty overwhelming. You can feel like you’re buried under so many tasks, unable to make real progress, and it can really drain your productivity. On Friday afternoon, try going through the workload for the next week and prioritize things. Chances are not everything is on an immediate deadline and it doesn’t all need to be taken care of on Monday. Rank your tasks by priority and allow yourself some breathing room when you come back after the weekend.

Don’t push work.

I get it, it’s almost the weekend, your mind is wandering and you really don’t want to have to focus on work. You figure any work you have can wait until after the weekend so you push it until Monday. While that helps you have a more relaxing afternoon now, it’s a little short-sighted. I guarantee as much as you might think it’s fine now, come Monday morning, you’ll be cursing yourself for adding one more thing to the list. Just power through the rest of your Friday work, enjoy your weekend and you’ll be thanking yourself come Monday.

Meal plan.

Aside from your work, the week ahead can be pretty hectic for other aspects of your life. One of the biggest little struggles we have to deal with is coming home and deciding what we want for dinner, or making our lunches for the next work day. Give some thought to your meals over the weekend and start the prep work on Sunday night. Get the necessary groceries, divide up the ingredients, and even prepare meals that can then be stored away. It shouldn’t take up too much time on your weekend and is one less thing to worry about during the busy work week.

Relax on Sunday night.

Of course, the weekend is still for relaxing. As much as you can do some prep work to make your life easier for next week, enjoying yourself and getting some much-deserved R&R is equally as important. If you spend you weekend on the move and doing all sorts of tasks, it can begin to feel like you didn’t have a weekend at all. While you should certainly enjoy your weekends to the fullest, try taking it easy on Sunday night. Watch a movie, read a book, take a bath—whatever relaxes you and get you ready for work the next morning.

Get a goodnight’s sleep.

Getting rest is essential for starting off your day right. A couple of late night’s on the weekend is totally fine but come Sunday night you have to start thinking about the work week ahead. Get to bed at a decent hour and ensure you get a solid sleep so you can wake up Monday morning rested and ready to tackle the week.

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