5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Skills

5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Skills

5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Skills

Social media is such a big part of our world these days, and while some have issues with it for personal use, ignoring how pivotal it is in the business world is foolish. Social media has grown to a point that any business who is not operating on several social media platforms is creating a great disadvantage for themselves. More and more these are skills that employers expect from many professionals in many industries. On the down side, many boomers are late to the game with social media and lack those necessary skills, but fortunately for them, they can get plenty of practice through their own accounts. So if you’re looking to stay fresh in the professional world, here are some tips for improving your social media skills.

Get on multiple platforms.

You may think that since you have a Facebook account, you’re good to go as far as social media is concerned. Not even close. Social media in business has evolved way past Facebook and encompasses just about every single platform. Get used to at least a few of these platforms. Sign up with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram—there’s no limit to how prepared you can be.

Use it.

Of course, just being able to say you have a Twitter account doesn’t mean anything. You have to actually use it and participate in the communities. Make it a daily part of your schedule. Post, share and communicate with people in your network on a frequent basis. You don’t need to become obsessive about it or become one of those people constantly glued to their phones, but it’s easy to be a regular user without devoting too much of your time to it.

Offer something in your posts.

Once you get used to using the different platforms on a regular basis, you can start trying to build an audience. You might say that you don’t care about reaching a wide audience, but that is essential for professional social media use. In order to build an audience, you need to offer them something. Interesting articles you share, insightful commentary, humour—whatever you find works best for you, embrace it and keep it consistent so other know why it’s worth seeking you out.

Interact with others.

A big part of social media is being social, so don’t be afraid to connect with people. Don’t just click the “like” button, start conversations. Comment on content you find interesting, reply to people that comment on your content and ask your audience for opinions. Interacting with others will encourage them to interact with you which will in turn grow your audience.

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