5 Tips For Reignite A Struggling Job Search

5 Tips For Reignite A Struggling Job Search

Everyone knows a job search can be a very difficult process. Sometimes the jobs just aren’t there and the whole thing is taking much longer than you had thought. Maybe you reach a point of self-doubt and feel like it’s time to give up. At that point, it’s time for you to reignite your job search. While it may not ever be easy, knowing how to prepare yourself for the struggle can make all the difference.

So when your job search hits a snag and seems stalled, instead of giving up, look at how you can turn things around. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you find yourself on that uphill climb.

Identify the problem.

When you first look to reignite things for your job search, you need to look at what didn’t work so well the last time. Likely it won’t be one thing but rather a combination of smaller elements that caused problems. Take a step back from things and try to identify what the issues might be. Once the problem is identified, you can look to go forward free from those obstacles.

Learn from past mistakes.

Along with looking at the factors that might have hampered your job search, you need to consider where you made mistakes. Yes, a poor job market can certainly make things difficult, but to shift the blame on others is a disservice to yourself. Understanding where you need to improve is essential for making progress. Maybe your resume needs work, or you’ve struggled with interviews. Perhaps you slacked off on networking opportunities, or it could be the types of positions you’re applying for. Wherever you’ve fallen short, learn from the experience and don’t repeat the mistakes.

Seek help.

Reaching out to others for help with your job search is not only reasonable, it’s smart. And when your search stalls, you might want to consider going back for help. Whether it’s business associates, references, or just friends of friends, it’s always smart to keep those relationships open. Let them know that you’re still looking for work and maybe even look to reach out to others. With any luck, you’ve built up a respectable list of contacts—it’s time to start going through that list.

Be patient.

The important thing to keep in mind when your search starts to stall is that this is a time commitment and the fruits of your labour will not be immediate. No matter how much time and effort you put in, there’s no guarantee of fast results. Don’t get dissuaded by this fact and don’t let it affect your search. If you want to see results, stay focused, stay vigilant and stay patient.

Go easy on yourself.

A long job search is a stressful situation to find yourself in, and it’s hard to ever feel really relaxed. There’s a feeling that until you secure your next job you don’t deserve any downtime. But you know yourself and that you’re putting in a hundred percent and more in this job search. Allow yourself to relax before you get burned out. Take the weekends off, unwind at night, or even go on vacation. Trust me, you’ve earned it.

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