4 Ways To Fight The ‘Overqualified’ Label

4 Ways To Fight The ‘Overqualified’ Label

Looking for work can be a deeply frustrating time for any professional. We’ve discussed many of the struggles boomers face on the job search, but one that can be so hard to overcome is the persistent assertion from employers that you’re overqualified for the position. It is a deeply maddening obstacle to face. You are proud of the skills and experience you’ve acquired and you would think it would be a benefit rather than a reason you lose out on a job. However, this is not a label you have to live with. Here are a few ways to combat being “overqualified”.

Make the case for you.

When you’re stuck with this label by an employer or recruiter, it simply means that the information on your resume doesn’t match with the very specific parameters of the position. In reality it’s hard to blame them for having such a narrow vision since they have to look at so many applicants, but it then becomes your duty to make them see past the resume at you as a real professional. Sell yourself as the ideal and only choice for the position.

Let your skills speak loudest.

Don’t allow the employer to get hung-up on your experience. They may be anxious about hiring someone who has been in the industry for so long without considering what that kind of experience can offer. You need to separate what you can do in the position from how long you’ve been doing it. No matter how qualified you are in terms of experience and how that might worry an employer, if your demonstrate to them that you can perform all the functions of the job, it would be very hard for them not to hire you.

Demonstrate an ability to adapt.

One of the fears that comes with being overqualified is the assumption that you are stuck in your ways. It’s a criticism that has unfairly been attributed to mature professionals for quite sometime and it there are always going to be employers who will believe it. you need to change their minds through your own practices. Show them that you have no problem adapting to the changing business work and that you are far from stubborn in your work approach. Develop new skills, learn the latest software and be flexible with ideas. If they aren’t smart enough to know this is an unfair stereotype, you can just prove them wrong.

Be open to negotiate.

Of course, when it’s all said and done, the real reason behind the “overqualified” label could just come down to a financial decision. Employers see years of experience and naturally assume they can’t afford such a qualified candidate for the position. While you should always know your worth and not undersell yourself, being willing to negotiate a salary in such situations. If your price is right, employers could be jumping at the chance to hire you.

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