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4 Things All Men Should Do During Movember

Movember is upon us once again and that’s not something to ignore. While the movement has been growing in popularity over the years, there are still some who dismiss it as a silly activity of millennials, or they just don’t know what it is. This is especially true for the boomer crowd, which is a shame because it benefits them the most.

Movember is a movement to raise awareness and conversation about men’s health. For whatever reason, men are much less willing to talk about their health concerns and questions than women and that can unfortunately do a lot of damage overtime. Movember looks to end that stigma as well as raise money and awareness for various men’s health issues. It’s not just a silly activity, it’s an important moment for all men and here’s some things you should do this month to get involved.

Grow a moustache.

This is only a small part of what the Movember movement is but it’s also a very important one. The deal is that for the entire month of November, you grow a moustache. Easy enough. You can groom it how you like but it stays on your face until December 1st at the earliest. It’s a great way of showing solidarity with the movement and showing your support for men all over the world who are fighting their own health battles. It takes no time at all, in fact, it saves you time on your morning shave, and it’s an annual excuse to try out a new look.

Raise money.

Growing the moustache goes beyond a show of support however. This whole movement started as a charity fundraiser for men’s health and that’s still a big part of the event today. The idea is that people sponsor you in your facial hair endeavors, all adding up to a donation to men’s health foundations in your name. It’s also a fun way to put a competitive edge to your moustache growing as you can compare your money raised with your friends and other Movember participants.

Consult your doctor.

Movember is a time for men to think about their own health and that means you as well. Just because you’re participating in Movember does not excuse you from the other responsibilities of the month. Take a frank look at you own health and what you can do to improve it. Above all, talk to you doctor about things you should watch out for and necessary tests that men at your age should undergo.


This is an important part of the month and one that is most overlooked. Take this opportunity to discuss important aspects of men’s health with your loved ones. Be the one to start the conversation if it’s not happening. Encourage an open dialogue with others. Listen to those who want to speak up. Talk to any and all men in your life; your father, brother, son, uncle, cousin, friend. If talking about these things becomes more normal than there’s no telling how many lives can be saved.

Happy Movember!

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