25 Reasons Fall Is The Best Season

We are officially passed the summer season and fully into fall – and you that is a great thing. Fall is not the flashiest of the four seasons, but it is nonetheless, the best of the bunch. Don’t believe me, here are just a few of the reasons why fall should be your favourite season.

  1. Leaves. Let’s start with the very obvious right off the bat: the leaves. Of course, this is the number one reason to love this time of year. Yes, the greenery of summer is lovely and freshly fallen snow can be quite pretty as well, but nothing compares to the sight of the vibrant, colourful Fall foliage. It turns forests into breathtaking real-life paintings. There’s simply nothing like it any other time of the year.
  1. Comfortable weather. Some might miss the warm beach weather of summer once the seasons change but the truth is that you’re not going to find more pleasing weather than the kind you find in the fall. It’s not too hot so you’re not sweating constantly, and it’s also not too cold that you need to cover every inch of your body to keep from freezing. You can actually go outside and enjoy the weather.
  1. Less upkeep. Don’t get me wrong, summer and winter have a lot of great qualities, but it does have some unpleasant aspects as well. In the summer, so much of your weekends are taken up by lawn maintenance. You have to constantly be mowing it, watering it and keeping it healthy. In the winter, it’s the shoveling. Us Canadians know what a pain this can be, waking up in the morning and realizing you need to shovel yourself out before you head to work. No such issues in the fall. The grass stops growing and it’s too early (fingers crossed) for snow. Sure, there’s leaves but…
  2. Crunchy leaves. Fallen leaves are just a blast. Walking around your yard and hearing those dry leaves breaking under your feet is so satisfying. Yeah, you might have to rake them up occasionally, but tell me you don’t enjoy watching your dog jump into a fresh pile of leaves.
  1. Hiking season. A lot of people erroneously think that summer is the perfect outdoor season, but it is in fact and without question the fall. That combination of perfect weather and beautiful scenery makes it for the best time to go on long hikes and enjoy that unique fresh fall air.
  1. Road trips. Another common misconception is that summer is the only camping season is summer. It might be a bit chillier at night, but then you get to treat yourself to the amazing fall bonfires.
  1. Fall road trips. And if hiking isn’t your thing, you can hit the road. You don’t have to go walking around, just stay inside your car and enjoy the view. If you’re looking for some good roads to travel on, check out some of our suggestions.
  1. Football. Fall also marks the kickoff of the regular season football, making many sports fans very happy. The NFL has been at the center of some tense and very important discussions recently, but that doesn’t mean the game can still be some fun escapism. And let’s not forget non-professional football with high school and college teams are a great time too.
  1. Hockey, too. But we, as Canadians, can’t bring up the return of football without mentioning the return of the regular season hockey. It’s an exciting time for hockey fans, with the Pittsburgh Penguins looking to make a threepeat, Canadian teams are looking strong, and we have a brand-new team with the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Bring on the puck drop!
  1. Award season at the movies. If sports isn’t quite your thing, this is also a great time to head to the local cinema. Since Hollywood seems to have a short memory, this is the time of year where they put all the high calibre, award contender films. You can get a little preview of some of the films to watch for here.
  1. Book reading season. And if you’d rather stay home and get your entertainment, fall is a wonderful time of the year to just stay inside with a good book.
  1. Back to school. Whether or not you have kids still in school or not, back to school can be a little bit of freedom. The malls are less crowded during the day, so that’s something.
  1. Return to education. In all seriousness, it’s obviously not just the younger generations who head back to school this time of year. More and more, older adults are going back to school to further their education, either for career reasons or just continue learning. It’s an exciting time to start classes again and enter a place of shared learning.
  1. Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall has two of the all-time best holidays – for Canadians, in the same month! Let’s dive into those a little bit.
  1. Halloween. No matter how older you are, Halloween is a lot of fun and there’s plenty of ways you can enjoy it. You can dress up and go to a costume party, you can stay at home and pass out candy to all the excited kids, or your could just watch a scary movie and eat all the candy yourself.
  1. Thanksgiving. And speaking of eating well, is there a more delicious day of the year than Thanksgiving? There’s so much to love about this holiday. The turkey, the stuffing, the pie and, of course, spending quality time with your loved ones.
  1. Beach body season is done. And thank goodness, beach body season is done and now we can indulge in a bit of comfort food.
  1. Apple season. This is also the great harvest season, and that’s especially true for apples. You can find that those fresh, beautiful delicious apples which can be made for an endless variety of recipes. Also, apple picking is great fun.
  1. Pumpkins. It’s also the season for pumpkins, which, while not quite as easy to deal with as apples, are still quite versatile in what you can do with them, be it food or just decorations.
  1. Pumpkin spice. This trend is not everyone’s cup of tea (or pumpkin spice latte), but to those who like it, this time of year is like Christmas, because pumpkin spice is literally everywhere!
  1. Fashionable fall looks. Fall is also an opportunity to break out some new, more fashionable looks that you couldn’t bring our anytime of year. There’s sweaters, scarves, long sleeves, hats – for some people, this is the most versatile time of the year.
  1. It’s really cozy. There is something inherently cozy about the fall. There’s more of an excuse to stay inside, you start putting the heat back on in the evenings, and you can curl up on the sofa with a nice blanket. It’s a very nice feeling.
  1. Things slow down. The summer is beautiful but it’s also a very busy time. It seems like you’re always on the move, without anytime to relax. The fall sees things slowing down a lot more. you can spend weekends at home. You’re not always packing up for the next trip or recovering from the last party. It’s a season to relax.
  1. Back to a routine. It is also a time when you can return to more of a routine. With the chaos of summer, your schedule can be all over the place, constantly thrown off your regular schedule. Fall is a welcome return to normalcy. It can feel surprisingly nice to get back into a routine.
  1. Two names! Lastly, it’s the only season with two names. Fall and Either one works. That’s pretty cool, right?





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